JIB's Recycle Operations

JIB's Recycle Operations


 JIB Recycle is a Michigan wholesale company established in May 2006, that specializes in commercial refurbished electronics processing amongst other things, such as Retail  and E-waste Recycling. Whether your firm or  small business operations wishes to purchase refurbished electronics, dispose of, destruct, or sell outdated or non working product, we can help! In today's business arena, Current Laws Establish fines for companies that do not handle their equipment in the proper fashion. JIB  insures our process follows all required procedures by the code. 

Ensuring your Data Protection

Certification of Destruction

 The Recycle Operations, utilizing a promise of information destruction and privacy for national Non-Profit organizations, took advantage of the growing public interest in Earth Friendly technology end of life treatment. JIB insures privacy in our efficient process of transporting, handling, and destroying hard drives, back up tapes, and other e-wastes at our facility. 

We take reasonable precautions to prevent unauthorized third parties from gaining access to the materials while in our possession.  We erase and format each hard-drive or storage drive by the D.oD. Three pass Psudo-random method, or physically destroy them with a shredder. The type of format that we do, would clear everything on the drive, and will also override every sector on the drive with Zeros. Once we have successfully erased and formatted your hard drive or other storage drive, there is no way to recover this data, and we issue you our certification of destruction. Of course, you should always be mindful of where your data is, and you can rely on us to take care of your data destruction! 


  More than 20 million tons of e-waste are produced every year. When electronics end up in our landfills; toxins like lead, mercury, and cadmium seep into our soil and water.  The electronic waste is a  colossal problem and JIB wants to help decrease the amount of E-waste produced annually.  Our customers, which include universities, the Salvation Army and churches in our area, feel confident in our ability to properly dispose of, reuse, and refurbish used electronics in a way that is environmentally safe. In many cases, it also helps us offer an inexpensive refurbished product to someone who may not be able to afford the same new product on the market. 

We have a no charge drop off/pick up station for recycled electronics and related products. 

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