Stop right there! think about this, there are many different ways to go with the equipment, choosing the wrong liquidator can open you up to many unseen things.

Security, Your Company security is first with us, it is one of the biggest issues and the reason many companies use us, we know what damage could be if any data or information was to get out on equipment, we take pride and “a lot” of time to insure your data to be as safe as possible. An FBI report said that your company data in the wrong hands could cost 5X the price of the equipment! And we are always getting hard drives & printers from large company’s IT Dept’s with data, CDs & paper still in them…

BUT Sleep Easy Tonight, if “you” don’t catch it, We Will! Your Valuable Data stops here! That is a big reason we are the only liquidator for many large companies….
(1) We wipe & Low Level Format “zero all” Hard Drives.
(2) We check to make sure all Floppy drives and CDRom Drives are clear.
(3) All Printers are clear of paper and a cleaner page run through them.
(4) We then reload data over the top so no data can even be recovered.
(5) Asset tags, stickers and any information and all Identification or markers on the equipment are removed.

Your equipment will never come back to haunt you, and if we can’t secure your data we will destroy the drive.
You should never trust your used equipment to anyone else.