How the whole process takes place in detail.

I want everyone to know just what it takes to do asset recovery & I like my customers and business that we do liquidation for to stay informed as to what happens to their equipment!
Most of the time the sale of equipment makes a breakeven & we do not have to charge for Deinstall, Pickup, Storage or Refurbing and Advertising costs, or the cost of the landfill for disposing of the remains. Above that for profit it works out to be a 50/50 split after operating costs.
Day Labor & help, Most of the loads we move are 10 to 15 pallets at a time (26′ truck) and loading and unloading repalletizing moving from storage to a refurbishing place.
Storage, because we need a few weeks turn around to sell this amount of equipment it sits & waits to be cleaned and tested. We have two storage facilities and the refurb center is a little over 2,000sq, plus our business office is 2200sq.

Refurb, cleaning & testing, With over 20 years in the field of computers IBM & Macintosh plus Networking & Internet. First we start by taking everything apart and clean and test each piece then rebuild the unit from the ground up. Most of the computers lower than PII-450 get parted out and the case scrapped.

Security, Your Company security is first with us, it is one of the biggest issues and the reason many companies use us. We know what damage could be if any data or information was to get out on equipment and we take pride and “a lot” of time to insure your data to be as safe as possible. An FBI report said that your company data in the wrong hands could cost 5X the price of the equipment! We are always getting hard drives & printers from large company’s IT Dept’s with data, CDs & paper still in them…

BUT sleep easy tonight, if you don’t catch it, we will! Your valuable data stops here! That is a big reason we are #1 with the many companies….
(1) We wipe & Low Level Format “zero all” HardDrives.
(2) We check to make sure all Floppy drives and CDRom Drives are clear.
(3) All Printers are clear of paper and a cleaner page run through them.
(4) We then load the Hard Drives with OS and Programs over the top so no data can even be recovered.
(5) Asset tags, stickers and any information and all Identification or markers on the equipment are removed.
You should never trust your used equipment to anyone else.

Sales network, Over the last ten years in the New York and Georgia areas we have built a good following both local and internet sales. When we get units in we know someone is looking for we can just hold them till they come pick them up. On the internet we sell 80% of what we take in.

Business Tools, Running our own servers and SAP is needed, there is no way we could farm that out and remain reliable or stable, and our own pop3 mail, on a 24/7 High Speed access line, with upkeep and equipment runs $1000s per month.

Advertising, When the market is up advertising in the local papers is great, we also need to keep traffic flowing to the web sites, We also draw a lot of hits when doing an Ebay auction.

BOXPacking and sending, We try to work it out so most of the packing and shipping is done two days a week to keep labor costs down, it takes a lot of man hours to pack & send 1000s of items. We pass that on to the customer at the time of sale. Material cost ie: Boxes, Peanuts, Tape & Bubble wrap.

In The End, The company gets a few things out of it – Maximized (ROI) Return On Investment, we get something out of it, the customer gets something out of it and the equipment gets put back into use somewhere. Win-Win & Win!